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Film Prophet's Top 2003 Films
(these films didn't have reviews)

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
It will be sad in 2004 because there will be no LOTR in December... nothing comes even close to this movie to be the best of the year. It was the best epic since Star Wars. There are so many intense moments in here that it is impossible for it not to be on the top. It was one of the best cinematic experiences of my life. Peter Jackson adapted this movie so well in three parts in three hours. He had a great vision... the only thing against LOTR is the several endings in ROTK. This movie renewed my faith that movies can still have pure brilliance... the visual effects, the music, the warming moments built with the tragic story with a great ensemble cast with no one stealing the spotlight. Best movie of the year. This movie is finally deserving to win at the Academy Awards after two close tries.

2. 21 Grams
They say we all lose twenty-one grams at the exact moment of our death... everyone... twenty-one grams... the weight of a stack of five nickels... the weight of a chocolate bar... the weight of a hummingbird. Oh boy, don't get Film Prophet started with this movie or else this section would be WAY TOO long and would take me a day to write. I will try to make this short. First of all, the leading actress Naomi Watts became Film Prophet's favorite actress after just watching THIS ONE MOVIE. WOW. Her style of acting is like a roller coaster. There are about three or four scenes in here that I want to look over and over again because she does a heck of a job and I love it. Her thrilling acting is incredible especially at awkward moments. Plus, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro add to the BEST TRIPLE THREAT PERFORMANCES OF ALL-TIME... and Film Prophet has seen the BEST of the BEST. Film Prophet got obsessed with this movie... computer wallpaper and music soundtrack. The work Sean Penn did in this film is one to see. Director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu didn't put the scenes in order of its correct sequences, so the audience would question the WHOLE FIRST HOUR of this film because it would be hard to follow at times and people may want to stop watching the movie. DON'T LEAVE. YOU LEAVE and you will be missing the last hour, which is the BEST HOUR IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FILMS... and even better than the last hour of Titanic. I mean, the first hour introduced us to everything and the second hour finished it with a thrilling ride that opened my eyes and alerted me. I usually don't pay attention to movies like theses, but this movie is up-tempo at the end. This movie will be looked at decades from now and will be noted as one of the most-overlooked and best movie of all-time. You may not see it now, but when time comes look out... also look out for the breathtaking Naomi Watts... HOLY CRAP... I will stop here. (I think I might of been too bias.)

3. Cold Mountain
This movie was number one on my list to watch in 2003 in the beginning of the year... Cold Mountain made the Film Prophet a better person... only the best of the best can do that to people... not no The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolutions. It won over Film Prophet's heart. The movie was just astounding on every aspect. The screenplay was original and simple, however, and Nicole Kidman's fading in and out accent and never looking dirty left her behind. Cold Mountain is the second best Civil War romance movie of all-time. It is not easy to pull off a solid one these days, but Cold Mountain did it. Also starring in the film were Jude Law and Renee Zellweger. Jude was the definitely the centerpiece of the story and should finally be considered as a leading actor in a movie... he did a tremendous job. As for Renee, well, she did come in during the middle of the film, partly to keep the audiences alert. Her performance lifted this WHOLE movie and it was completely surprising. Director Anthony Minghella took some of the scenes and made them very explicit and WAY TO DETAILED. The movie is not for anyone, but for what it was about, the movie did an exceptional job.

4. Big Fish
It is filled with wonderful tales and adventures... it's romance-drama-comedy or whatever you want to call it with great characters of all varied types. Simply joyful and beautiful... the story is incredible. Why did this movie die out like The Last Samurai? I think the trailer was a big failure as to making it looking weird. Film Prophet gives this movie the award for the best ending of the year... it was tearful and happy folks. Yea, Tim Burton did a wonderful job here. The movie was balanced between reality fan fantasy. There are moments where it is funny and then there are times where it is tearful. I thought Albert Finney was an early runner for best support actor Oscar and he was not even nominated. The buzz of this movie dropped, but with Ewan McGregor and Billy Crudup's best performances of their career, it made it better than most can think. It's a great flick that is fresh and original. Oh yea, bring TISSUES.

5. Finding Nemo
Film Prophet says Finding Nemo is among the best animated films ever... and that is saying a lot. The story was great, the characters were great, the ideas were great, the obstacles were great... this movie was great. It was entertaining with a captivating journey with a father and son trying to get back together. There is some tremendously well done edits, sounds, and voice work, which separates quality animated films from bunch. I think most of the people who haven't seen this film would say it looks like a kids film just because it is animated. WRONG. The audience will say it's not just for kids, but for people of all ages.

6. Lost in Translation
Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray star in this film, which was very unique. Is this Bill Murray's best performance, Film Prophet? Well, I believe so. Lost in Translation was more of a mild-drama than comedy, but it was a fine one. Two people 'lost in translation' in Japan there for different reasons and trying to get through the visit. The movie was like NORMAL life. The smooth screenplay helped this movie a lot and Sofia Coppola as a director can make a BIG impact on our society.

7. Seabiscuit
Hey, a summer released movie finally got nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards and that means something. True story with a racehorse named Seabiscuit whose victories lifted not only the spirits of the three-man team (Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, and Chris Cooper), but also the nation as all. "I think it's better to break a man's leg than his heart" Superb dialogue and score. A great movie to overcome hardships and failures to succeed. Horseracing kept minds off so many people in the depression era and started to make money. An excellent docudrama that will have people talking about this under-valued film for years especially come horse racing season!

8. In America
In limited theaters with limited advertisements, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this film. However, it had so many things. Director Jim Sheridan shows a vision of life that may look simple, yet so complex filled with immigration, love, family, born, death, and other things. It is not overly dramatic, but Paddy Considine and Samanta Morton bring solid performances. A lot of the credit should go to the young sisters, Sarah and Emma Bolger, who do act as sisters in this movie and were just adorable. The new actors shape this film into one of the best acted movies this year.

9. Mystic River
After seeing this film for the first time, I wonder why Sean Penn hasn't been known as an elite actor throughout the nineties, but he deserves the best actor Oscar for this role. He leads a strong cast as a father as once three childhood friends reunite after he loses his daughter, but how?. There is also Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, and Marcia Harden in a mystery type of story where the characters bring it up a level. An effective tragedy directed by Clint Eastwood. Seeing the trailer for the first time, I didn't believe, like most people would, it had what it took to be a great film. It was one of those surprise films of the year. Some parts it may have dragged, but the story was written well. Which character can the audience trust in this movie?

10. Thirteen
This is a movie every young teenager needs to see... or almost any teenager really. If you are thinking Lifetime movie, Lifetime wouldn't even air this once. The content of this movie was so real and down to earth. Evan Rachel Wood gave a great performance... she will be a star. She fit her part perfectly. The story moves and moves into deeper conflicts. Holly Hunter and Nikki Reed completed one of the best strong leading female movies ever made. The filming of this movie made it look like a homemade movie for some of the shots showing us this stuff could be happening right now. An excellent job with all aspects of this movie. Oh yea, watch out for the final dramatic scene. It captured my full attention and brought so much emotion on the Film Prophet.