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Film Prophet's Top Greatest U.S. Movies



*Rankings were created as of August 2003, meaning movies released later than that have not been added to the greatest movies of all-time list.*
To check the Phase II/II selection of movies designated to appear in this greatest movies list that weren't included in this list that ought to be, visit The Film Vault: Phase II/II

I am the one and the only... Film Prophet.  I like to create lists and ranks of all sorts of things.  I enjoy these list-making occasions and it is one of my big hobbies.  However, this one is the grand project.  I've put so much effort and time into this list that I have made this website into a big production that's also expanded to reviewing current films.  I've spent months over the spring and summer of 2003 watching and renting movies of all American kinds and I have finalized the best into this countdown. 

To Qualify:
~ Main spoken language is English
~ No foreign released film outside of the US
~ Over 65 minutes in run time
~ Released in U.S.A. theaters
~ Non-pornography
~ Not an entire full documentary
~ Non-short independent film
~ Ratings of G, PG, PG-13, and R.

Some criteria for judging using only the finest ingredients:
~ My Opinion and reaction
~ The content of the film
~ Acting
~ Plot
~ Storytelling
~ What a director does and what a director can do with availability at the time
~ How interesting it makes the viewer think afterwards about the film
~ Level of Enjoyment
~ Drama or romance angles
~ Intensity
~ Attention grabber
~ Elements and References from American History
~ Critics Recognition
~ Popularity over the time like television broadcasts, box office, sales, and award winners
~ Cultural impact

What makes a movie great?
The elements do: nightmares, fantasies, suspense sequences that are frightening and exciting, plot twists, intriguing romances, allusions, film editing, leading characters, the story draws in emotions to the viewers, etc.

I have seen every one of these films on this list.  One of the reasons why I created this list in the first place was that I was angry at the movie industry for releasing new movies like The Matrix: Reloaded, which was hyped up, but received total negative feedback from almost everyone including the fans.  Movies like that are only suitable for box office numbers and will have no significant, major recognition.  Box office hits tend to be amusing and entertaining, but not necessary great.  The majority of the films out today are based on new technology that makes the film, not the acting or the plot.  These are movies that made the industry before movie writers became slacking and lacking scripts.  In today's movies, a viewer would find profanity, hot cars, sex, and too many special effects that abolish the viewer from the plot.  I made this so everyone can look at it again and again as many times as they would like to remind them what are the true greatest U.S. movies of all-time.

I like all genres such as drama, suspense, classic, action, comedy, mystery, etc. Some of these classics and popular films have been forgotten during the recent era of movies.  I've been a movie buff ever since I was a kid.  On Sunday mornings, I used to look at the TV Topics section morning newspaper for the movies listings that will be shown on that week.  I used to circle the movies and times that seemed interesting to watch. This website is designed to show movie goers of the new generation that there were movies in the twenty-first century and were also movies out before 1980 which some are better than most of today's films.  Many of people might have not seen most of these movies, but that is what this website is for... there are better movies out there than the ones that are currently released.  There are great movies you may have never heard of.  This list does not mean movies will stop and it will mostly likely not hold over the next decades, hence the Phase II/II project.

Today, movies give away too much in their previews and trailers that we kind of know what will happen in the film and that eliminates the suspense.  The movies also tell us about the time it was filmed in or produced, such as being in black and white or having sound or what kind of technology was used, and the different storylines built around the year's release date.

I've written descriptions, thoughts, comments, and small capsule reviews with plot descriptions from imdb.com underneath each ranked movie so people don't have to ask "What's it about" to me all the time.  Also, there might be a little bit of movie spoilers in the long descriptions.  The longer the description means I put more time into writing it. The smaller means it may just be a plotline.  The longer descriptions tend to be found in the higher rankings.

These movies are not "old, crappy boring movies" as a person once told me.  These are wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, tremendous, and marvelous movies people today don't take time out to watch them because they are not up to date.  Instead, people watch the unintelligent, thick, dense, dull, ridiculous, silly, goofy, and brainless movies.  Maybe if people actually sit down and watch a great movie made before they were born, people will think differently and have respect for classics.  Just because they are not in the theaters now does not mean they are boring. The movies selected are crucial and important to our society.  Some movies are just meant to be amusing and charming for the average movie spectator, but those movies aren't typically 'great.'  They won't hold any major impact.  No one will ever be as motivated as I was during the process and neither have the time to.  I am proud of it.  Make sure you are in a movie mood to view this website since there are a lot of movie related material to go by.

This list serves its purpose.  It is simple and to the point like movies should be.  E-mail your comments, raves, rants, or any pleasing remarks to

So, with that all said, please enjoy the Top 150 Greatest U.S. Movies of All-Time.

Starting with number 150...