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150 Ultimate Funniest Movies of All-Time


Entering in the fourth year and to celebrate the third year anniversary of Film Prophet's original 150 greatest movies list and first web address online by counting down the 150 ultimate funniest movies of all-time.  Like the original 150 greatest movies and 150 movie quotes, this will also contain 150 selections.

The movies can be of any comedy – physical to romance to spoofs – regardless of comedy genre too, and must be English language films (sorry, Kung Fu Hustle and Amélie), first released to theater (Sorry, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story), feature length film, and just about the same criteria as the original greatest 150 films.

Due to an overwhelming and popular demand, it has been decided to bring back a collection of the funniest movies, a composition in which was once lost and never was posted or shown.  It’s also brought back and organized to keep a fulfilled order and a collection of the funny films for reminders, and of course, fun and debate.

There are certain degrees of humor between funny and just dumb laughter, timeless classics, movies kids and adults can both enjoy… the funniest movies of all-time were not all made in the last twenty years, so don’t expect a complete total laugh riot collection of frat pack freaks/dumb guy/typical teenager type of comedies, although most will appear and the majority of the list are them.  Types of humor have changed over years and decades, so legacy with universal timeless jokes is a criteria.

Laughing is an involuntary function… it’s all up to the viewer to choose what parts are funny… beginning, middle, to the end from the amusing script.  Both quantity and quality of humor count towards the selections.

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