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Frequently Asked Questions for Film Prophet


What is Phase II/II about in The Film Vault?

To begin, Film Prophet, me, has sheer unique love for movies that comes from my precision and energy.  As Film Prophet, it's my duty to inform readers provided with my credentials of hundreds of honest reviews and dozens of lists composed of movies, all free to read. For Phase II/II, I have undergone an extensive in-depth study and process to broaden the range of movies to further the original Top 150 American Movies list, which was out before reviews were written.  All American movies released before the creation of the list in 2003 that earn high grades will be stored in The Film Vault. There will be recent reviews that date prior to 2003, so it's not just current year release reviews that I do.  While viewing & reviewing current releases, Phase II/II is continuously important and will go on indefinitely.

Why did you begin writing reviews?

The common movie viewer thinks in black & white and just says a movie flat out sucks or that it was good. That really doesn't tell anyone anything. What does the word "good" even mean? Those are just easy expressions to say verbally and they just get annoying to hear over and over again. By writing a review, it allows me to expand my critique in written from and provides me time to think it over. Generally, it takes me on average an hour to complete a review from start by gathering cast names and such to finish by uploading the final review online. My first review was written in early 2004 (though the site started in 2003 when I came up with small capsule reviews for the top 150) and they were short back then. My writing has evolved through each review as I see and learn and write more about all kinds of movies.

What's up with the winning an Academy award over a million dollars quote (on the original banner)?

Think about it... I would get the statue, the recognition, the gossip, the spotlight, the fun work, the popularity, chance to meet some of my favorite movie artists, and the best parts - probably will get to work with some of them in the FUTURE and get a huge possible contract offer and then another pending on being successful.  In receiving just the million dollars, all the person would get is the cash and what I just mentioned previous would be obsolete and wouldn't get another million or anything else. The money can not buy the award.  This proves how avid I am about being the Film Prophet and distaste in money.

I remember seeing pictures of movie posters to the right of each movie you reviewed on your movie review pages.  What happened to them?

I switched hosts in early 2006 and I didn't keep them in store, so I removed them all.  Most of them were re-sized when I put them on the website anyways.  Originally there would be about fifty images to load per movie review page, and that would take up time for readers and some bandwidth.  I also dislike sites that try to look pretty but fail to address any content.  Nobody cares about your soaring banners or fading pictures or text if you donít state anything at all.  Plus, the site's slogan used to be 'the best website without any pictures' so now the reviews are content-based like they should be.

How often do you update your website?

On average, three times a week, depending on the season of movies.

Are your reviews in any order?

The reviews are posted in chronological order when the newest movie has been reviewed on top of the latest review page.  When a new review is written, it is always placed on top of the others on the current movie review page.  When a page becomes too long, a new review page is born.

Why are your reviews a paragraph long?

Actually, the average length is about three quarters to a full page single-spaced in Microsoft Word, but the Internet allows me to reduce the width and becomes web browser length.  They also look shorter if you are using a widescreen system.  A review on this website is concrete and rationally thoughtful, not a comprehensive analysis or an essay.  They are also placed on several pages so there aren't hundreds of small separate pages for each movie reviewed.  Also, the longer reviews are, the less people will read them.  It's the truth. People like reading bold statements and shorter written work and move on with the next.

Can you give us a short autobiography?


I enjoy your lists and reviews. Keep up the great work, Film Prophet.

Thanks, but that's not a question.  I am a list expert by now, especially with movies.

How did the name "Film Prophet" come about?

I didn't come up with it.  A person I know used that name one time to call me it a few months before posting the first ever webpage of the top 150. The name came inspiring and creative that I liked it enough to make it a pseudonym for the name of this website.

Do you review every movie you now watch?

I used to review about 90% of the movies I saw for about the first five years when I started. Recently, I now review that amount for new releases, but for classics and previous years, it's becoming less frequent but slightly more than half of the movies watched are reviewed.

What is your e-mail address?

You may e-mail to

Iím from the media, how can I contact you?

If youíre from the media and need to get in contact with me, please e-mail me with information.

Worst site ever.

I have fun with this site and I try my best and sending me messages such as, "Filmprofit.com sux! u suk lol get a life fag" does not accomplish anything.

How did this site start and how do you promote your site?

I once had a thousand index cards that had the original old top 150 website on it near the end of the summer 2003 to hand out to people who I knew, hence the Online Since August 2003! on top of every webpage.

Do you make any money off your site?

No.  This proves how avid I am about being the Film Prophet and distaste in money.   I don't even use affiliate programs.  They just make pages look ugly and gaudy.  Instead, I pay completely for the hosting, domain, and by my dedicated time to provide readers free prudent movie reviews. There are no plot spoilers in the reviews and no long story descriptions too so the reviews are concise to the point.  All reviews are fully profanity-free and without elusive words such as 'suck,' 'you,' or 'good.'  It's a place for my independent thoughts & opinions, which is what the web is for. It's purely a hobby thus I don't have to force myself to write a review due to some deadline. I don't see this turning into a "job" because then it won't be a real hobby anymore and more like "work."

Is it alright if I link your website?


I think before you write any more reviews, you could take some more advanced English/writing courses. You should use parenthesis to separate the actors and not commas.

I realize this is not proper form or writing etiquette in the reviews where I have a performer's last name separated by a comma instead of parenthesis which is supposed to be meant for character names. However, all reviews will continue to be like this so they can remain consistent like the others and will not conform to anyone else's standards.

How many people write for your site?

1... me, Film Prophet.

I have some great work for a review, can I send you it?

No, don't send me your work.  I don't want to post some other personís work on my website and have some fool emailing me a few weeks later claiming that they gave me the idea, so don't send me your ideas unless it's a movie for Film Prophet to watch and consider reviewing.


Nothing, what's the matter with you? That's what someone would say who has a terrible taste in movies. This movie is a testament for an exquisite audience.

What irritates you the most about some of today's movies?

Bad comedies people like especially late winter comedies, bad new age horrors people like (Really, come up with new ideas; horror remakes, spin-offs, prequels, and sequels are the bottom of the pit. For example, 7 horror films went wide in the first 13 weeks of 2009. None of which have been watched or reviewed because they're unnecessary and forgettable), sequels to bad movies, British crime-comedies, kids' movies that try to be like The Lord of the Rings, and Hollywood remakes of great classic movies.

Is there any genre or section of film you don't really cover?

If anything, the closest would be documentaries. I've seen the popular ones like Bowling for Columbine, Madonna: Truth or Dare, Super Size Me, Fahrenheit 9/11, and others. After that, there aren't many more. There isn't a big audience for the genre especially at theaters and so there isn't going to be an audience of readers on demand for documentary reviews unless people really like Michael Moore. Plus, it's the one genre of film that isn't really a conventional type of movie with a scripted storyline and hired performers, rather an educational standpoint and social commentary that's usually political. It would then be a more of a review here of the material lectured than the make of the movie itself.

If there's one full-length movie you could watch every day, what would it be?

City of God, Magnolia, Dick Tracy, or Madonna: Truth or Dare

What's something surprising that the casual reader wouldn't know about Film Prophet?

I have never seen the same movie twice at the theaters and I plan to keep it that way.

How come just about every single old movie you rank gets about a B or better?  That's how it is with older movies and your scoring.  I actually do like your site... thatís why I visit it still even after the complaints.

The movies I tend to review/grade prior to 1980 are considered the best of the bunch so my readers will hardly see a D coming out of that selection.  There are many from that period of time that aren't on the Film Vault page and do get low grades too.  However, in current time, I try to review as much as I can that are new releases, so movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith will fall in there, and there is the D grade.  If this were 2050, I'd obviously won't review that movie and go for other Pitt and Jolie films since Iíd probably find out they've been in better ones.  Also, the longer the film ages and still has meaning to today, the greater the influence of the film would be.  Now there were some bad movies in 1970 and before then, but itís not worth going into.  A purpose of the site is to show the greatness of the past with some letdowns of modern times.  In addition, any film above a B is fair, safe to view, something to look for, and that I support. Low B's, high C's are okay. Most of the films on the Phase
II/II chart are high B's and A's.  I don't just hand out A's to any movie, especially with the original top 150 greatest American movies list in mind.  Movies are distinctively graded to earn A's, so I just don't give out A's to any recent movie of view.  A's mean that there is an absolute foresee that the second time will almost have that same astonishing experience as the first. 

If you had a chance to attend any movie premiere during any time, what movie would you go see?

I really like this question... it's between Psycho in 1960 and Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

Don't you hate pants?


What two performers from any time would you pick to star in a movie together and in what genre?

John Wayne and Clint Eastwood in a Western... Adam Sandler and Bill Murray in a Comedy... Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson in a Drama-Action... Sean Penn and Russell Crowe in a Crime-Drama... Tom Hanks and Will Smith in a Comedy-Drama... Humphrey Bogart & Marilyn Monroe in a noir drama-romance

I just searched for a review for Tommy Boy and only found hits in top lists... no review. Why?

The ones I watched at a very young age aren't mostly reviewed, like Little Giants. I like to write reviews based on first viewing before watching what'll happen and how. I'd say over 95% of my movie reviews on this site are like that.

Will you have an area for movies that maybe are new releases on DVD/Blu-ray?

The reason why I haven't made a 'New on DVD' section anywhere is because when I write reviews, they are based on the movie... not the DVD extras or features so if some people come to the site and see that and follow links to the movies in a 'New on DVD' section, some might expect a DVD review.

How come my screen resolutions on your website change page by page, or computer by computer?

This may happen.  Mac OS and the old Firefox browser aren't fully capable of handling everything with web coding... I had to take down all of my flash I made because it wasn't working on Firefox.  The screen also differs if you are using a wide-screen resolution monitor.  For best results, please use any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox 3.0 or greater. 

Why don't you have a guestbook on your website?

I don't feel like moderating it daily to check if some fool left some private information, incorrect information, dumb information, or any information on there.  In previous experience, most of time people are over-whelmed so they leave a bunch of comments including a line of "you're gay," which would be my sexual preference according to people who disagree with my views and outlooks.  Plus, a guestbook would be too much of a distraction where more people will want to read over the real content on the site.


Any new non-listed frequently asked question will be posted here without notice.  E-mail the Film Prophet at  for any questions to be answered. 


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