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Film Prophet's 7th Annual Best & Worst Movie Awards:
2010 Edition

2010 was THE worst year for movies since this website started up back in 2003. The majority of the movies released this year were too bad to even consider watching just to type up a bad review about them. If there was a year that put a stop in my review process, it would be this one... and it certainly was.

This is the year's shortest disappointing movies list because not many movies were worth seeing this year. For proof, 2010 was the worst year since 1996 for the Hollywood box office. With too many remakes and reboots and pointless 3D films, they were all so forgettable that I  won't even bother looking them up and typing up a list here. This has been the lowest amount of reviews this year also. I missed documenting many movies by review this year on this site from October to December of 2010 along with a ton of summer releases that were seen during that time frame.

The 6 most disappointing movies seen and released in 2010:

1. Iron Man 2
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. Grown Ups
4. Despicable Me
5. The Other Guys
6. How Do You Know

The 2010 Awards

Most original film:
Mentionables - Blue Valentine, The Social Network, Black Swan

Most Surprising Film:
Mentionables - The Social Network, 127 Hours, Kick-Ass, Salt

Most Overrated Film of the Year:
Iron Man 2
Mentionables - The Kids Are All Right, True Grit, Despicable Me, Winter's Bone

Most Underrated Film of the Year:
Mentionables - Kick-Ass, Shutter Island

Most Disregarded film:
Shutter Island
Mentionables - Blue Valentine, Tangled, 127 Hours, Easy A, The Town, The Karate Kid

Best movies to laugh to:
The A-Team
Mentionables - Toy Story 3, The Expendables, Valentine's Day, Grown Ups

Best Looking Theatrical Trailers:
Mentionable - Shutter Island

Best Looking Television Trailers:
Shutter Island
Mentionables - The Fighter, Salt, Robin Hood

Best Poster:
Mentionables - How to Train Your Dragon, Shutter Island

Best Sequel:
Toy Story 3
Mentionable - Eclipse

Best Box Office Hit:
Toy Story 3
Mentionables - Inception, Tangled, Eclipse

Worst Movie Character:
Stayne - Knave of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland
Mentionables - Mal in Inception, Mrs. Griffith in Easy A, Lynch in The A-Team, Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland

Best Movie Character:
 Dastan in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Mentionables - Arthur in Inception, Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, Olive in Easy A, Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass, Evelyn Salt in Salt, Mattie Ross in True Grit

Worst acting ensemble:
None this year... that was watched that is...

Underappreciated performances:
Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine
Andrew Garfield in The Social Network
Justin Timberlake in The Social Network
Emma Stone in Easy A
Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island
Jeremy Renner in The Town
Blake Lively in The Town
Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right

Overappreciated performances:
Annette Bening in The Kids Are All Right (kinda)
Matt Damon in True Grit (kinda)

Best Villains:
Lotso voiced by Ned Beatty - Toy Story 3
Mark Strong as Sir Godfrey - Robin Hood
Mother Gothel voiced by Donna Murphy - Tangled
Mark Strong as Frank D'Amico - Kick-Ass

Favorite performances:
Actors - Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception, Christian Bale in The Fighter, Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network, Andrew Garfield - The Social Network, James Franco - 127 Hours
Actresses - Amy Adams - The Fighter, Natalie Portman in Black Swan, Emma Stone in Easy A, Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass, Angelina Jolie in Salt

Best Year:
Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook
Mentionables - Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco, Mark Strong

Best Direction:
David Fincher - The Social Network
Mentionables - Christopher Nolan for Inception, Martin Scorsese for Shutter Island

Best Scene:
Kick-Ass - in dark room with Big Daddy tied up while Hit-Girl is trying to save his life
Mentionables - Eclipse - Final battle scene between the wolves and vampires against the newborns, The Social Network 'You better lawyer up, @$$hole, because Iím not coming back for 30%. Iím coming back for EVERYTHING', Toy Story 3 - the ending of leaving the toys behind, Shutter Island - the entrance to the island, Black Swan - Nina turning into the swan while she dances, Blue Valentine - street tap-dancing in front of a store

Best Ensemble:
Mentionables - The Fighter, The Social Network, Shutter Island